SOHO - a studio apartment in Warsaw

The arrangement of the 47 m2 apartment was transferred to virtual reality on HTC Vive goggles. Subdued colors with a predominance of white and gray, wooden finishes or photos of the forest on the photo wallpaper are examples of the apartment, whose style was to remain in harmony with nature. The whole was complemented with modern finishing materials and furniture. A perfect example is a glass wall on one side connecting, on the other side separating the day zone from the night zone. Glass can change from transparent to matt in a few seconds. This is the result of using the most modern liquid crystal technology used in the production of building glass. The client, using goggles for virtual reality, had the opportunity to change the transparency of glass and other finishing materials proposed by the architect. The whole project was completed with a promotional animation.

Architectural design:
KUKA Concept Studio




ul. Stanisława Dubois 114/116 lok. 2.27
93-465 Łódź,
+48 735 667 374

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