VR, 360, 3D & 2D animations

Use the power of animation to promote your business.

In our company we always take care to offer our customers the most modern solutions of advanced VR technology. We recommend a variety of applications that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


InPlanner animacje 360


We don't just limit ourselves to a selected frame, as with normal programs of this type. We use VR 360 technology to create breathtaking visualizations. By creating 360 animation you will surprise your customers with a modern presentation.


InPlanner animacje 3D


Use their potential to impressively present your product or service. See an example of a 3D animation presenting the interior of a stylishly decorated apartment.


InPlanner animacje 2D


They are perfect as an advertising tool, product visualizations or presentations. Thanks to them, you will be able to provide much more information in an accessible way than with ordinary graphics and photos.

360 animations

They are also called spherical animations. They can be both 2D and 3D animations. In this case, the image is spread out on the sphere, and the viewer located in the center of the sphere can watch any frame of their choice in the range of 360 degrees. 360-degree animations can be viewed on virtual reality devices as well as smartphones, tablets or computers. They can also be placed on YouTube and watched with or without VR goggles as an ordinary 360-degree video.

VR animations

In other words, these are stereoscopic 360 animations that we can watch using goggles for virtual reality. These animations can be dedicated to specific VR sets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear VR. Stereoscopic display of the animations makes the viewer's experience even greater than in 360 animations. Watching VR animations is extremely realistic and we perceive the space we are immersed in. This is all thanks to the immersion, sense of space and depth of the image.

3D animations

In animations made with 3D technique all or the vast majority of elements are 3D objects placed in space. Thanks to this solution we have both the freedom to present selected scenes from any perspective and to obtain photorealistic visualizations. Animated 3D elements in combination with advanced motion design technique allows to transfer information in an extremely attractive and effective way.

2D animations

Animations realized with this technique consist of flat elements such as graphics or photos, which, combined with movement, enrich the amount and attractiveness of the information transmitted.



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