Showcase project during the INTELLIGENT HOME and DESIGN ZONE 2017

Comprehensive 80 m2 apartment project showing marketing opportunities for developers selling their properties. The visualization of the apartment has been prepared for the most technologically advanced goggles to virtual reality. Prepared promotional materials are a great tool to support advertising and sales of the investment on the website, trade fairs, in points of sale and also in the sales office.

The comprehensive apartment visualization project included:

  • a virtual walk on HTC goggles with full interaction possibilities such as changing finishing materials, furniture or lighting
  • virtual walk on the website with the possibility to activate in VR mode on mobile devices
  • VR app for smartphones with cardboard or Samsung GearVR
  • apartment animation


The film consists of two parts. The first one presents the animation of the apartment and its arrangement, while the second presents the enormous possibilities offered by virtual reality technology. It presents a walk using HTC goggles and exemplary interactions such as changing finishing materials, exchanging objects for others or switching on and off lights. Most importantly, all changes take place in real time!



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