European birds in 3D

The Birds of Europe web application presents 12 stereoscopic photos of popular and very interesting birds living in the Old Continent. The project was made in two language versions, Polish and English. Due to the fact that all presented birds live in our country, the title of Polish Birds was adopted in the Polish language version. Twelve presented birds were presented in three groups of four species each. The first one is "Birds next to humans", in which the birds closest to humans are shown: blue tit, the starling, the blackbird and the sparrow. In the second group, "The most colourful domestic birds", the kingfisher, the oriole, the bee-eater and the hoopoe are presented, which impress with their colouring. The last group is represented by the "Birds of the forest": the nightjar, the tawny owl, the firecrest and the great-spotted woodpecker, which hide well surrounded by trees and bushes.

The Birds of Europe project can be viewed both on a computer screen and on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. However, the best effect is achieved with a smartphone and cardboard goggles. The 3D effect is perfectly visible and the birds look alive. In addition, each of the photos has been enriched with the voice of a given bird, so you can find out which one you hear outside the window, in the forest or in the meadow. In addition, the sounds of birds played during the slideshow enhance the effect and realism of the viewed photos.

Project implementation

The Birds of Europe project was definitely different from the previous ones. Its aim was to show in an unusual and surprising way the birds that surround us every day. Very important element of the project was its easy accessibility for the user. We decided to make a web application, so there is no need to download applications from Play or App Store. To see the project you only need a web browser. At the beginning, the Birds of Europe application was designed only for viewing stereoscopic pictures of birds using cardboard goggles. However, we did not want to limit the number of users and finally we added a computer mode - monoscopic. Moreover, we enriched this mode with some information about each bird.

You can view the Birds of Europe application in Polish or English by clicking on the buttons below.

ptaki europy przycisk PL


ptaki europy przycisk ENG

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