Darwin Virtual Reality

Darwin VR is a project presenting 11 locations of the beautiful city of Darwin located in the central part of Australia's northern coast.
In each of these locations, short 360 films were created to show the uniqueness of this place. The virtual journey begins with a view of the city from the coast.
The panorama features 11 interactive points in the form of pins, which, when clicked, will take you to the indicated place and play the 360 video.
In Darwin VR application you can visit a variety of interesting places, such as:

  • Darwin Waterfront - a great place to relax and unwind by the water and also for unforgettable meetings with friends.
  • Convention Centre - a world-class congress centre located in the tropical scenery of the Darwin harbour, which you can feel in the Darwin Virtual Reality application.
  • Cullen Bay - interesting housing and marina located in the suburbs of the city with many popular bars and restaurants.
  • Darwin International Airport - an international airport with a rich history, located 7 km from the city. In the application we can see two main terminal zones where passengers are waiting for their flight.

Moreover, in the 360 films included in the Darwin VR app we are always at the centre of the action. This makes us feel like we are in the place we are watching. In addition, VR technology allows us even better to experience what we see.

Project implementation

The Darwin VR project included the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. In addition, a web application was created, designed mainly for viewing on computers.
The whole was prepared as a virtual walk. As the opening scene and the main menu is a 360 picture showing the city panorama. There are 11 interactive pins placed on it. Clicking on a selected pin will play the 360 video from the selected location.
In mobile apps you can watch movies in both VR and full-screen mode. Specially for these applications, cardboard goggles have been prepared, which are branded and consistent with the style of the whole project.
The applications have become a very important element used to promote the city. The goggles, on the other hand, enable users to experience virtual reality and get to know the city of Darwin in an extraordinary way.

Below are links to the Darwin VR web-based application for Android and iOS smartphones:



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