Apartment on Czarodziejska Street

Apartament na ul. Czarodziejskiej to kolejna bardzo ciekawa aranżacja studia KUKA Concept przeniesiona do wirtualnej rzeczywistości.
The project was dedicated to HTC Vive goggles. Several functionalities were implemented, which helped to agree with the investor on the final version.
These included changing the materials of the finishing elements or previewing different versions of the armchair or chair.
We made sure that every detail of the project was reflected in the application, including the burning fire in the fireplace.
In addition, the challenge in VR was to reflect the impressive wall in a bathroom covered with lush vegetation.
The project culminated in an animation promoting the presented arrangement of the apartment. 

Architectural design:
KUKA Concept Studio

Animation of the apartment

The presentation in the form of animation is an ideal solution to show the whole beauty of the project in a short time. The inspiration for this arrangement was art deco style, and the rich decorations and stylized furniture emphasize even more the character of this interior. Also unique is the wall in the bathroom covered with different varieties of living plants. It gives the room not only beautiful but also provides a very good microclimate. Another project of KUKA Concept studio, which has been transferred to virtual reality and made animation can be seen in SOHO realization..



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